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Why Choose to Work with Justin…?

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Professional Home Buyer, House Flipper, Real Estate Investor.

Justin is the owner and operator of “We Buy Houses In WDVM. He is experienced at finding solutions for people who are in the market to sell their home or investment property quickly for any reason.

Justin has experience with all types of buying and selling scenarios and understands how to make every transaction simple and stress free. We are certain that Justin can find a win-win solution for you, whether it be a quick cash purchase or other type of creative selling solution.

What You See is What You Get!

Justin is neither a real estate agent or broker, nor a conventional lowball We Buy Houses cash home buyer. Justin is an impartial cash buying investor who purchases homes based on the market value of a property (click here to see how Justin formulates his offers) derived from recently sold comparable properties in the local market.

Justin buys homes based on the numbers representing the current market, combining this with his innovative ability to cut costs and middlemen required in conventional cash home buying business models. Justin does not purchase homes based on how motivated a seller may or may not be, but on the market, numbers, and facts corresponding to the property.

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Professional Home Buyer & Real Estate Investor (noun):

“An individual that values many deals with smaller profit margins over fewer deals with larger profit margins. One who educates and empowers themselves with creative cost cutting methods to acquire investment properties at higher acquisition prices than is allowable in traditional real estate investing business models.”

-Justin Mitchell.

Owner and operator of “We Buy Houses In WDVM.

Justin’s Duties

Head of Acquisitions

  • Oversees all operations of the acquisitions and rehabbing process. He makes sure the rehab costs stay low so we can offer you more for your house. He will meet you at your property (virtual walk through and online offers available), explain how it all works, and make you the highest offer in the business.


  • Tracks all operational expenses and makes sure all operational costs (marketing, rehabilitation of properties, etc.) are within budget. This ensures the company’s returns on investments are profitable, so that we are always in a position to uphold our beat any offer guarantee. And pay the most for your house while still running a successful business model.

Operations Strategy

  • Analyzes and improves operational procedures through innovative business systems. We continually improve the efficiency and quality of all operations, from doing walkthroughs and rehabilitation of projects to making all cash offers and online marketing to bring in new customers and opportunities to acquire new properties.

Customer Education/Satisfaction Strategies

  • Dedicated to customer relations. He is in charge of creating blog content that provides the most utility, value, and comprehensive information to home sellers that need to sell their house fast.

Cash Buyer Credibility

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It is crucial that any service provider can show beyond a doubt that they are reliable, credible, and competent. Unfortunately, not all cash for houses companies are the same. The offer amount and the method used to arrive at your offer often differs significantly. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to inspect their website first and be prepared to ask them some tough questions.

Below is a list of helpful tough questions you should be asking we buy houses as is companies, regardless of finding them on Google or by any other method.

A good way to assess cash home buyer credibility and competency is to go over their website.  Visit their “How It Works” and “About Us” and/or “Our Company” pages, and make sure there are we buy houses for cash reviews from real actual people that sold their house to them. (But always be cautious with we buy houses for cash reviews and testimonials) What you’re looking for is professionalism and transparency – a neat, orderly, and polished website, with clear, easy to understand, comprehensive explanations of what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why their company pays cash for houses better than the rest of the companies in the sea of advertisements online, on TV, and on radio.

Their website is a direct reflection on them and their business. If a business owner does not differentiate their company on their website with an authoritative, comprehensive explanation as to why they are the best choice for you when selling your house for cash, and doesn’t provide you with useful facts, information, and resources that will help assist you on your path, then they are likely not the wisest choice to do business with.

Be Cautious with We Buy Houses for Cash Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews are not the only metric by which a seller should choose a we buy homes fast company. Reviews may be nothing more than the opinion of a seller who is happy, only because someone paid them cash for their house.  Most of the time, a positive Google review or website video testimonial of how happy the seller is with their choice of a cash for your house company says nothing more than the seller is happy to have received a large paycheck or a financial incentive to leave a good review.

A positive Google review or website testimonial certainly does not guarantee that you will receive the highest all cash offer, and it does not indicate or explain why that particular we buy your house for cash company is your best choice. Positive testimonials and reviews are simply one indicator among many that a seller should be looking for when shopping around for the best companies that buy your house for cash. For more information on shopping around for the best companies that buy homes for cash please read our How to Get The Most Cash For Your House (in 5 Easy Steps) article.

When you really think about what a Google and/or Facebook Review is, it comes down to nothing more than a subjective personal opinion given by the seller. (Whom by no means is an expert on real estate), these opinions are acquired through the observation and experience the seller had with an individual cash for houses company. These seller opinions have little to no bearing on the effectiveness of a we buy homes fast company, these kinds of opinions are no different than judging a book by its cover.

It is wise to not judge we buy houses companies solely on the content of their reviews. But on the content of its character displayed in person and on its website. As a seller, a better practice would be to focus more on a cash for your house company’s ability to get you the best all-around offer instead of opinions from people who really don’t know much of anything about real estate.

Remember, just because Google and Facebook say something or even “fact checked” something doesn’t prove in any capacity that a specific opinion is correct or true. Big Tech’s opinions about real estate or who is the Top ranked we buy your house for cash company is largely irrelevant. This because google is a search engine browser. Google and Facebook are not real estate experts by any means. Google, Facebook, and most sellers don’t know the first thing about how to sell your house fast. Taking Big Techs Opinion about anything other than something tech related is comparable to taking your dental advise from an auto mechanic instead of a dentist.

In short, be skeptical of what you read, hear, and see online (including this post). Just because so-and-so wrote such-and-such on a Google/Facebook review… Do not necessarily believe it. Just because “official Google” says such-and-such, do not assume it true. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”

Our Pledge to You

“I will be diligent and considerate of your needs as the seller when working with you. Through my simple 3-step home selling/buying process, I will do whatever it takes to get you the most cash reasonably possible for your home as quickly as possible. I will be reasonably flexible on meeting you on terms that are acceptable for you as the seller and listen to everything you have to tell me about the circumstances and what you’re looking to accomplish with the sale of your property.”
-Justin Mitchell