How to Avoid Real Estate Scams

Real estate scams have been on an epidemic rise with the coming of the pandemic. And things have only gotten worse ever since.  These fraudulent schemes target homeowners in multiple ways that basically feed off fear, desperation, and anxiety. With phishing tactics, scammers gain inside access to watch all the parties involved. And then they […]

How to Release a Lien on a House in 4 Easy Steps!

If you have a lien on a house. Then likely you understand that different types of liens in real estate involve a legal claim on your property. Filed with a county records office or state agency, a lien allows the individual or entity holding the lien rights to obtain access to the property if the […]

How to Get the Best Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement in 3 Easy Steps

Home seller real estate purchase and sale agreements are complex legal documents; there are many details and complications you must smooth out before you can sell your house quickly for cash by closing with a cash home buyer. Regardless, if you are looking to understand a “We Buy Houses” unimproved property contract, for sale by […]

How to Avoid Home Seller Costs in 5 Easy Steps!

You’ve likely heard about home seller costs, but do you know everything they include and who should pay them? There’s no denying that closing costs for a seller are an inevitable part of selling a home; they encompass all the fees that need to be paid at the closing table. However, the party responsible for paying […]